Rossiter System for Connective Tissue

The Rossiter System relieves and prevents pain because it directly tackles the causes of pain. Pain is information. You must understand the signals your body is sending you before you can get rid of the unwanted information, or pain. By using the Rossiter techniques to stretch connective tissue to its full length, you restore the body's ability to tell you how it feels -- and you will have a better sense of when it's pain-free and when it's not. The Rossiter stretches elongate connective tissue and return to your body the appropriate amount of space it needs to move fluidly, freely and without pain.

Even though you may sense pain only in one area, or in one area more than others, entire sheaths of connective tissue are actually sensing the tightness and restriction. These stretches are not site-specific, they change entire areas of connective tissue. For any positive change to occur, a critical mass of connective tissue must be changed. Otherwise, pain will linger and return.

In contrast, the solutions offered by traditional medicine for carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain and structural aches/pains often address the symptoms but never get at the causes of pain. Rarely is the relief permanent, forcing people to remain on drugs, wear splints constantly or undergo repeated cortisone shots and surgeries -- all of which have potentially disabling side effects.

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