Sandra J. Street

My transition to an alternative lifestyle


My philosophy of life used to be -- Life is like a rose. Once you get through the soft petals and the nice smell its all thorns! I was going from job to job and relationship to relationship in search of something just out of reach. I felt like I was going in circles, wondering...why is this happening to me again? In the spring of '97, my relationship of 6 years was starting to deteriorate I was angry and very unhappy about my situation. I felt that I needed something, but was not quite sure what. I was about to end yet another bond when I saw an informercial on relationships. I purchased the 2 sets of tapes one for each gender. That started the wheels turning. I joined 2-3 book clubs bought self-help books and tapes so that I could learn how to cope with life. I started utilizing and telling everyone that would listen. I was so excited. I felt that I was finally on track.

By the fall of '97 my sister saw how enthusiastic I was and told me about a place that had free demonstrations. I went to one of the demonstrations impressed with what changes could happen so quickly within the mind and body. All I could think about was how I can afford the time and money to go to the weekend classes. My prayers were answered I started classes in the spring of '98 and finished the eleven classes offered to become a Holistic Coach the spring of '99. I had learned of Reiki from a fellow classmate and became very curious about it. Of course, I bought a book on it. Again I was thinking how I could afford to take this class. In the spring of 2001 the answer came and soon I was receiving my level I & II Reiki attunements.

The following spring of 2002 received the level III attunement Teacher/Master level a year later was teaching Reiki. My husband suggested I take a course in Foot Reflexology to diversify my talents in the alternative field. I received my certificate in August of 2003. One of my classmates persuaded me to attend an open house with her for Polarity Therapy and I ended up taking classes by doing a work study program through their center. I finally finished taking classes December of 2003. I opened my 1st office January of 2004. I now practice Reflexology, Reiki and Toe Reading. I also teach people how to become more proactive in their health care. Current classes/workshops are in Reiki levels I, II & III Teacher/Master, Reflexology basic mapping & techniques, Meditation, Creating Your Future and Toe Reading. I have now become an excellent gardener that removes the thorns of life. I also help others to learn how to do so for themselves.