Pathways to Self-Healing

Are you stressing about daily activities?

Do you feel off balance?

Is your energy low?


Most people when experiencing Reiki or Reflexology have a feeling of relaxation.

For some it helps to :

  • Relax Stress & Tension
  • Feel Balanced
  • Increase of Creativity & Awareness
  • Amplify Energy & Self-Healing

In this day and age when life becomes so hectic and we get tangled up in life's dramas we forget to take that breath that helps us think more clearly. Sometimes we do not hear that inner calling/knowing trying to pull us back on our path. We only know that we want that perfect elixir that will fix it all right now. We sometimes need a little help with our direction and flow to find our path once again.

Body energy work encompasses a huge array of alternative healing modalities. Finding one that's right for you may be like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Making a phone call or e-mail may be your first line of defense.

With all body energy work modalities they all help remove blocked energies so that the body can heal itself more effectively. Not everyone is the same so results vary for each individual. Most modalities work well with allopathic/western medicine.

I have been practicing Reflexology since 2003 and Reiki since 2001. I teach Reiki and Reflexology classes. I also teach classes on: Meditation, reaching your core self and a class on Creating, finding that as you change your mind you change your future, and as they say..."As a man/woman think or speak so they become."

Please feel free to call or e-mail me with your questions/concerns.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor so by law I cannot say that I heal people, prescribe or diagnose. Most modalities work well with allopathic/western medicine. When in doubt, ask your physician.